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Welcome to - The Best Online Slot Machine Resource - with all the bells and whistles that a slot player may look for: Slot machine history facts, Slots Basics, slot tips, and tons of fun facts.

Never played slots in a casino - Don't worry we will let you know about the etiquette at a slot machine. Maybe you are wondering how these machines work just read the Random Number Generator section. Heard about how great can be the jackpots on progressive slots machines but don't know exactelly how they work - check out the Progressive page.

For sure you will find in casinos players that will try to get you into fog with a lot of slot myths. Do not listen to them as they have no logic and on our Slot machine myths section you will can read about some of these myths and for any of these myths ou will find logical explanations on why they are just stupid. So if you ever hear one being passed along down a row of slots in Vegas, make a point to intervene and straighten the dough heads out. Actually, you may want to leave them be, or at least intervene with a high degree of politeness.

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